COVID Response Fundraiser (OCH)

Guild of Geeks raised $550 for Oilcan Harry’s–a new personal best for our group.

This past Saturday, March 28th, we held a 12-hour fundraiser stream dedicated to helping raise money for Oilcan Harry’s in response to the recent COVID-19 crisis. As many of you know, Oilcan Harry’s has supported us for the past 6-7 months by hosting our weekly trivia and tournament events at their bar.

We were saddened to learn that Oilcan Harry’s had to close its doors, not just for the temporary loss of our game nights, but primarily for the negative effect it would have on the individual staff members, whose paychecks mostly come in the form of tips. With the pandemic temporarily putting them out of work, a lot of them will struggle to pay rent and bills.

Oilcan Harry’s knew this and set up a GoFundMe to help bridge the gap for their workers. The Guild of Geeks as an organization is able to cover running costs during this time solely because of the generosity of Oilcan Harry’s and its staff members. We were thrilled to be able to show them our appreciation by helping support them during this tough time.

We had a full line-up of games as normal, but this time we streamed them remotely from two locations instead of one. Everyone stayed home, and we just met up online to game together.

Together, we raised $550 for Oilcan Harry’s! This was a new personal best for us. In June of 2019, we raised just over $441 for the Trevor Project in our Pride Month Charity Stream. In July, we raised $150 for Austin Pets Alive. Then in November, we raised $370 for Extra Life. We were thrilled that we could reach a new personal best for our friends here who’ve helped support us so much.

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  • October 19, 2020
COVID Response Fundraiser (OCH)
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