Overwatch Highlights: You Don’t Poop When You Poop

Highlights from one of our Friday Freeplays where we played Overwatch. Join us in Discord to join the festivities next time!

Stream Highlight: Apex Legends Win

A impressive highlight from Sota’s and Nick’s Apex: Legends night. Great teamwork guys!

DnD One-Shot Highlight: The Wild Sheep Chase, PVP

Dranaar the Monk (Jackson) attacks Captain Belial (Riley) after the Captain kills an NPC (the final boss!). This is a highlight from the one-shot, DnD: The Wild Sheep Chase, featuring Clay (DM), Colm, Sean, Jackson, Riley, and JD.

GoG Podcast #9

Join Ian, Holly, JD, and Matt as they discuss Matt’s unfinished video game list, airplanes, weddings, Overwatch, color theory, and corona virus.

GoG Podcast #8

Join Holly, Matt, Colm, and Ryan as they discuss Jeeps, Twilight, Snowboard Kids, Final Fantasy, Batman v. Superman, and more!

GoG Podcast #7

Join Matt, Holly, JD, and Dylan, as they discuss Valentine’s Day, potato launchers, and health habits. Check out Samantha’s fitness Instagram account here:

GoG Podcast #6

Holly takes a trip to Waco for a stroll down memory lane with Riley, Nick, and special guest Kat, for this week’s podcast.

GoG Podcast #5

Watch Matt, Ryan, Colm, and Holly discuss eSports, getting professionally knifed, and more on this week’s podcast.

GoG Podcast #4

Watch Holly, Matt, Dylan, and Sean discuss movies, games, and more!

GoG Podcast #3

Holly, Matt, Colm, and Ryan discuss Final Fantasy, among other things, during the 3rd GoG Podcast.

GoG Podcast #2

Join Sota, Holly, Jackson, and Matt for the 2nd GoG Podcast! We discuss Assassin’s Creed, cosplay, conventions, and upcoming games in 2020.

Friday Freeplay: RWBY Grimm Eclipse

The final Friday Freeplay of 2019: RWBY Grimm Eclipse. Watch Holly, Ryan, Jackson, and Colm play through the campaign and fight over Wave MVP. Let’s go!

GoG Podcast #1

Join Matt, Holly, Sean, and Sota as they discuss their favorite games of 2019, the Witcher, and more!

Guild of Geeks 2019 Compilation

The Guild of Geeks celebrates its second year as a non-profit organization. Join us as we look back on our year!

2019 Guildsgiving: Extra Life Charity Stream

Guildies get together and stream for 12 hours to raise money for Extra Life.

2019 APA Charity Stream Highlights

Guild of Geeks held a charity stream for Austin Pets Alive!

Friday Freeplay Highlight: DBD Scream

Holly screams during Dead by Daylight with Nick (the killer), Colm, Stephen, and Mac.

2019 Pride Month Charity Stream

The Guild of Geeks hosted its first monthly charity stream. 12 games in 12 hours! All proceeds went to the Trevor Project to support LGBTQ+ youth. $441.63 were raised before and during the stream.

2019 GoG Staff BBQ

The Guild of Geeks staff gathered together for the first annual GoG Staff BBQ!

Kiva’s Birthday Boat Day

For Kiva’s birthday, we rented a boat and went out on Lake Travis for the afternoon. Happy birthday, Kiva!

Guild of Geeks 2018 Compilation

Now that 2018 has finished, the Guild of Geeks looks back on its first year as a non-profit organization.

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