Shrinking the Backlog: A Mission

A common occurrence with people who build model tanks and airplanes is they gather up a large stockpile of models that they think are cool but quickly outpace the rate at which they will actually build them. I found that this isn’t much different for some gamers, myself included. The other day I really started to look into my backlog of games and noticed that I have quite a few piled up. For the past while I’ve been debating finding a way to reduce this presumed backlog that I thought I had. I decided to keep track of it and hold myself metaphorically accountable for shrinking my virtual stockpile of games.

A visual representation of my digital catalog

That pile up that I mentioned before is currently at approximately 75 games that are in some form of awaiting completion. They range the full scale of completion. Some are like most of the Assassin’s Creed and Lego games on the list. They are fully done story wise but I want to sit down with a beer, a Spotify playlist, and a collectibles guide/map on to knock out all the collectible based achievements. On the other side of the spectrum are games like Mad Max which I have completed the first mission or less of. Last night while playing Eldritch Horror I started to form my list of games based on those that I had gotten achievements in. I downloaded the XBox app and just scrolled through my list of achievements adding any games to a note list that I felt like I could or wanted to complete. I was at around 70 games before I was talking to someone this morning and realized I had totally skipped all the games that I hadn’t even started yet. So far I have added another approximately 5 games to the list including Mass Effect 2 and 3, Fable 3, and a number of the Telltale games.

I created an account on HowLongToBeat and added all my games to a playlist. According to there stats it would talk me 75.5 straight days of playing to complete all of these games if I were playing them all from scratch. But like I said I’ve completed a fair amount of games. True Achievements, which is what I’ll be using to keep track of my data, says that I’ve completed 45% of the possible achievements in games but I think this includes games that I have 100% in. Plus I have a number of games from Games for Gold that I have one or two achievements in that aren’t on the list because I don’t intend to ever go back to them. We’re just going to say that these balance each other out so I have 55% of possible achievements left. This gives me about 41.5 days worth of playtime and I shoot for about 80% completion so now we’re down to just over 33 days. This averages out to about 2 hours worth of game play per day over the course of a year.

I don’t expect to fully clear out this backlog by the end of the year because I know there are games that I haven’t even bought yet that I still want (Star Wars Jedi and Outer Worlds are currently on that list). There are also games on that list that I’ll probably decide to remove somewhere down the line because I’m just not that into it. For example Star Dew Valley is currently on the list but I might remove it in the future and that’s a lot of hours that could get removed.

Right now it’s back to finishing Borderlands 3 and the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. I think I’m one mission away from finishing the Borderlands 3 story and then a relatively easy cleanup of the achievements. And the Witcher will be a game that I play in between other games and take my time with to enjoy the story.

Now to figure out which game to start the list with…

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