Staff Highlight: Dion “Socks” White

Meet one of the newer members of our Events Committee–Socks! Dion (who goes by the name Socks) joined our Events team after many weeks of competing in our Super Smash Bros. tournaments at Oilcan Harry’s. He started helping out with announcing for the tournaments, then he got involved in our charity streams, fundraisers, and other events.

Born and raised in Austin, Socks now works as a Helpdesk Support Specialist. He has a vast number of hobbies, including playing Super Smash Bros., watching anime with friends, dancing, and writing poetry. Socks also loves to explore new things, like tennis, cooking, and ice skating. He prides himself on being a very emotional being, and spends a lot of time in self reflection.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate main: Pikachu (formerly Pac-Man and Pokemon Trainer)
Favorite video game: Drawn to Death
Favorite super hero: Iron Man
Favorite animes: Watamote, One Piece
Favorite anime character: Chopper (from One Piece)
Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff
Number of socks he owns: 173 pairs
Favorite pair of socks: yellow bicycle socks

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