Staff Highlight: Elijah Howell

This is Elijah, one of our longest-serving Staff members. Elijah has been a Moderator in our Discord server since before the Guild was even a non-profit organization! Originally from Sugarland, Texas, he currently lives in Waco, where he studies computer programming at Texas State Technical College. Elijah plans to work as a video game developer after graduation. In his free time, Elijah likes to watch anime, play video games, read manga and light novels, and play Magic the Gathering.

Favorite MTG format: Commander
Favorite anime: Kokoro Connect
Favorite anime character: Sora from No Game No Life
Favorite game dev company: CD Project Red
Favorite video game: The Witcher 3
Favorite video game character: Megaman
Hogwarts house: Gryffindor

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