Staff Highlight: Nick Gillett

Everyone, meet Nick! Nick has been a part of the Guild of Geeks since the very beginning of its Waco days, when it was a college organization. He was instrumental in building the Guild up from a group of college kids meeting in a classroom, to the full blown non-profit organization that it is today.

Nick has been a large influencer for the writings of the Guild guidelines and social media areas of the organization. While he is an avid gamer when he has the time, he also enjoys writing stories, creating theory videos, and reading.

Despite the distance between him and the Guild’s home base of Austin, he gets involved in a large number of activities, whether it is editing a video, creating trivia questions, modding a stream, or posting about events, and more. Nick currently resides in Waco, but he and his friends are optimistic he will join them in Austin to participate in even more events!

Guilty Pleasure: Fairy Tail
Spirit Animal: Wolf
Favorite Game: The Witcher 3
Current Obsessions: Apex Legends, Stalaris, Stardew, RWBY
Semblance: Staying up all night

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