Staff Highlight: Ryan Vankemseke

Happy birthday Ryan!!!

Hailing from Allen, Texas, Ryan joined our merry band of Geeks after a late night trip to IHOP during the Guild’s college days. Ryan became one of the first staff members after the Guild of Geeks became a non-profit, and he is now the Vice President of the Board of Directors, and the current stand-in President! We thank him for his wonderful attitude, humor, and work ethic.

In his free time, Ryan loves to tinker with electronics boards, as well as moderate for a successful Twitch Affiliate. Ryan is an avid gamer, particularly enjoying games such as Apex Legends, XCOM 2, Risk of Rain 2, Warframe, Ori, and more! He has a large, floofy cat named Fury.

Favorite Pokemon: Growlithe
Apex Legends Main: Pathfinder
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Favorite video game: FF Tactics
Favorite Overwatch member: Pharah
Fun Fact: owns 13 dragon statues

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